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  • Migrex
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Migrex - frovatriptan - 2.5mg - 6 tablets Migrex frovatriptan Brand United Kingdom 2.5mg 6 tablets DR $60.76 Add

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional. Brands and generics both contain the same active ingredient(s) and are medically equivalent. Some brands are marketed under different names by the same manufacturing country depending on the country of origin.

Migrex (frovatriptan) is in the triptan class of drugs. It is used to treat migraine headaches and the symptoms commonly experienced along with migraines, such as nausea and light or noise sensitivity.

Clients intending to buy Migrex should double check that this is the correct product. Depending on where Migrex is manufactured it may contain different ingredients.
  • In the USA this product is sold as "Frova". The product named "Migrex" in the U.S. contains acetaminophen, dichloralphenazone and isometheptene, effective against tension headaches and somewhat effective against migraine pain.
  • In Africa and a few other parts of the world, "Migrex" contains sumatriptan, not frovatriptan. Both are effective at combatting migraine pain and symptoms, but not other types of headaches.
  • Though triptans have proven effective at easing cluster headache pain, the benefits are severely diminished when the medication is delivered by tablets. Cluster headache sufferers will have better results with Imitrex Injections or Imitrex Nasal Spray.
  • Clients who buy Migrex from this page will receive the product containing frovatriptan, which is effective against migraines and migraine symptoms but not other headaches.
This medication will lessen or eliminate pain and symptoms from migraine headaches, but will not prevent a headache from starting or reduce the frequency with which they occur. There is no cure for migraines.

Buy Migrex for Migraine Relief:

It's unclear exactly why some individuals experience migraines. What is known is that while a migraine is happening, blood vessels in the brain are considerably widened. It's believed these widened blood vessel put pressure on the brain, causing both pain and symptoms such as auras.

Migrex constricts widened blood vessels, reducing or eliminating the pain and side effects caused by the extra pressure. Taken at earliest headache symptoms, many patients can successfully manage migraines to the extent that they no longer interfere with daily life.

Migrex comes in tablet form, one of which should be taken when a headache begins. If symptoms are still present after 2 hours, or if the headache begins to return, another tablet may be taken. No more than 3 tablets should be taken in 24 hours without doctor approval.

Nausea is a common side effect of migraines; if the tablets are vomited up within 30 minutes of administration, another dose should be taken.

Never take multiple migraine medications together unless instructed by a physician. Doing so may produce dangerous side effects. Do not buy Migrex to treat headaches other than migraines.

Adverse Reactions:

Most side effects resulting from Migrex use are mild and pass quickly. More serious adverse reactions, though rare, should be addressed by a physician:
  • Allergic reactions
  • Confusion, disorientation, slurred speech
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Worsening of headache symptoms
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle spasms or seizures
Individuals who have a history of heart, liver or kidney problems, or who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, should not buy Migrex without first discussing risks with a doctor.

Migrex is known to interact with certain other prescription drugs. Check with a doctor before mixing medications.

Buy Migrex From New Zealand's Most Trusted Online Pharmacy:

Some individuals are able to fend off headaches by carefully avoiding triggers, such as certain foods. Unfortunately, most sufferers are at the complete mercy of migraines, which may strike at any time. Migraine sufferers who buy Migrex quickly discover it is possible to manage headaches and take back control of their lives.

A prescription is required to buy Migrex. Our online physician may issue a prescription at no additional cost for qualifying patients who would like to buy Migrex for migraine management.

Questions or problems with your order? Please let us know -- our friendly, professional staff is standing by to help.



I get truly awful migraines at least once a month. So bad they make me completely non-functional. This is the only medication I've ever tried that really works, and lucky for me it's one of the less e...xpensive ones. Highly recommended!

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Jul 12, 2017

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